[ntp:questions] .1 Microsecond Synchronization

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-part.nor-this.co.uk.invalid
Fri Jun 5 05:42:58 UTC 2009

ScottyG wrote:
> What do you think you can achieve with let say 5,000-10,000 USD
> budget for each data center? Could we get 1 micro, 10 micro, 100
> micro, 1 milli?
> One catch is the not all the data centers have access to roof space
> for us. One company claims that they can use CDMA as a source time.
> Does anyone know the implications of this? It seems that the time
> would be sourced from GPS and retransmitted via the cell towers. To
> me this brings up more potential delays but I am not an expert.
> Scott


On servers with a direct connection to a PPS (GPS) reference source, 10us 
may be possible, but if that server is heavily loaded it might deteriorate 
to 100us.  If the server is running Windows then 1ms.  Constancy of 
temperature also matters for the greatest accuracy.

You seem to be implying that this is not all under your control, and that 
you would need to trust third parties.


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