[ntp:questions] .1 Microsecond Synchronization

Rob nomail at example.com
Sat Jun 6 11:13:21 UTC 2009

Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> How dumb...  something like time-of-day should be broadcast just like
>> cell broadcast and everyone would be able to receive it without any
>> requesting.
> Time is broadcast!  WWV, WWVB, CHU, JJY, etc.  Most radio and TV 
> stations broadcast the time; "At the tone the correct time will be. . . 
> ."  Many radio and TV stations get the time directly from WWV and 
> rebroadcast the tone from WWV.
> CMDA base stations also broadcast the time.  I'm not sufficiently 
> familiar with the other technologies to be able to state that they do, 
> or do not, supply correct time to the phones they serve.

Of course I mean "broadcast on the GSM network".  That is where a GSM
phone is listening.  It cannot receive WWV.
It should be trivial to send a datagram with current time at some
interval on such a digital phone network, but apparently this was not
foreseen in the standard.

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