[ntp:questions] ntpd on dial up machine: no DNS resolving => giving up on all servers

John Hasler john at dhh.gt.org
Tue Jun 9 12:29:44 UTC 2009

Arno writes:
> This is one solution that I thought about. But ntpd does set the clock
> hard (in one big step if required) at startup. This is ok if it is done
> at boot time before other services are started, but in my case it would
> bring dovecot to stop if the time step is to big and backward.

Install Chrony and configure it with an appropriate initstepslew directive.
Chrony was originally written specifically for dialup.  The Debian Chrony
package is configured for dialup by default: it includes an appropriate
config file and scripts to bring the daemon on and off line with the
connection.  For most dialup users it works out of the box.
John Hasler 
john at dhh.gt.org
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