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Tue Jun 16 19:25:37 UTC 2009

On Jun 15, 2009, at 7:59 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:

> Well, I wrote the page that was originally at <http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Support/KnownOsIssues#Section_9.2.5. 
> >, but it

Great read, thanks for that.

> seems that there have been a few updates by other authors since  
> then.  It does seem that Mac OS X 10.5 should be somewhat more  
> intelligent about ntpd, but still not as good as it should be.  I  
> would still recommend replacing the ntpd binary with one that is  
> built from our sources.

I am testing that build out now, reading over

I gave the:
	mkdir A.`config.guess`
which did not work, so I simply ran:
	sudo mkdir A.i686-apple-darwin9.7.0

I am by no means experienced in compiling software, though I have done  
it often, when I run into issues, I rarely can solve them on my own.  
One good thing, is I see there is no MacPorts installer for ntp, which  
if I can get this to build cleanly, I will be making a package, which  
should make it easier on Mac Server Admins, as I can include sane  
configs in places where Apple can not get to them to destroy them.

./confgure seems to run cleanly, here is the output:

make on the other hand, fails:

> You'll still have problems with the Mac OS X GUI screwing up your  
> ntpd.conf file every time you go into that panel, but so long as you  
> stay away from that panel then you should be able to put whatever  
> appropriate stuff you might want in your ntp.conf (make sure to save  
> a copy off to the side, in case you do go back to that panel), and  
> have a reasonable expectation that it should work properly.  Oh, and  
> you'll have to make sure that Apple doesn't "upgrade" your binary  
> for you on the next OS update.

Are you aware of how to either
1) Check if the system setting is enabled, and turn it off
2) Make it impossible to set the check-mark in the GUI

I find that if ntpd is running by the OS, that any future attempts for  
me to start it will fail, as the ports are already being used.  There  
is a bit more going on here than just launchd, there is a wrapper, and  
some other magic that chains this all together.

> That's basically what I've done on Mac OS X ever since I ran into  
> these problems.

For me, these are shred http/ftp/email servers, I can feel pretty  
confident I will never check that box, so perhaps, I should just stick  
with the Apple binary, and change the options that point to to  
ntp.conf and the drift files, to elsewhere, protecting them from  
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