[ntp:questions] Syncing to nearby vs. faraway servers

Rich Wales richw at richw.org
Tue Jun 16 19:19:43 UTC 2009

Hi, Dave --

Replying to:

> As you can see, bigben is on the order of 10ms off from the consensus,
> at least from ntp.davehart.net's perspective on a verizon business-class
> DSL.  I had also considered that the offset could be due to asymmetric
> routing, but given the same ~10ms offset seen from Stanford, and that
> bigben's backup sources are .INIT., I'm guessing bigben's clock-winder
> has left the building.

OK, thanks for looking into this.

> My association with ntp3.isc.org is using interleaved mode, and so
> should be correcting for asymmetric delays. 

Interleaved mode is a feature of ntp-dev (soon to be released as 4.2.6),
right?  I'll be looking forward to being able to use this new goodie --
though, if I read the documentation right, it apparently works only with
peer or broadcast associations and won't help me when I talk to servers
(but it might be a reason for me to encourage my campus timekeepers to
adopt 4.2.6 as soon as it comes out, and have them encourage THEIR peers
to do the same).

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