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Todd Glassey CISM CIFI tglassey at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 15 20:57:54 UTC 2009

Scott Haneda wrote:
> On Jun 15, 2009, at 8:59 AM, Todd Glassey CISM CIFI wrote:
>>> You should be running ntpd as a daemon. That will keep the clock in
>>> synch and you never have to touch it.
>> Which creates an audit issue and security profile which always needs 
>> to be watched. NTPD is not the answer for everyone Danny.
> Can you elaborate on this?
> I see that ntpdate and ntpd can both be made to do the same thing in 
> my case, which is a non daemonized single instance setting of time.
The question is whether you need to run a time daemon or whether you can 
make do with a periodic resynchronization from a CRON type process, and 
what the difference in the evidence models is and whether it makes any 
> If I do not plan on making a daemon, and just running it once a hour 
> on schedule, as well as in a reboot of the machine after the 
> interfaces are up, what would my concerns be?
How those devices initialization process was managed, how any deviation 
from UTC is tracked and how the records are reconciled at the close of 
that business segment to insure proper monotic incremental values in the 
logging  worlkflow.
> If I do decide to run ntpd as a daemon, what audit/secuirty issues 
> should I be looking into?
the liability that having those ports open all the time opens you to and 
whether your time providers meet the audit any outsourcing vendors you 
use must (if any),
> Thank you Todd.
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