[ntp:questions] Can or should the NTP protocol eventually serve timezone data?

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Sat Jun 20 02:39:53 UTC 2009

John Hasler wrote:
> I don't know of any distribution that provides an easy way
>  arrange for automatic updates of a single file.

 Why would rsync not work?
rsync rsync://ftp.eu.openbsd.org/OpenBSD/distfiles/DateTime-TimeZone-0.49.tar.gz .

  or a cron task for wget
 crontab /tasks.crontab
@monthly wget 'ftp://ftp.eu.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/distfiles/DateTime-TimeZone*.tar.gz'

> Then there are embedded systems that have no
>  package-management at all but still may need to know
>  about time zone changes.

... and, what do all those millions of embedded systems
 do now to get time zone data?

ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2009j.tar.gz  ?

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