[ntp:questions] Can or should the NTP protocol eventually serve timezone data?

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Sat Jun 20 16:45:01 UTC 2009

John Hasler <john at dhh.gt.org> wrote:
> Jim Pennino writes:
>> Newer stuff tends to run a version of Linux or FreeBSD and you get
>> updates as patches from the maker.
> Downloaded automatically as needed?  What happens when the maker goes bust,
> shuts down their server, or decides the product is obsolete?

The same as any other product, much like the heater/air conditioner
on my house that I replaced because parts were no longer available.

What is this obsession with automatic download some people seem to have?

There have been hundreds and hundreds of patches to each and every OS I run
since the last patch to any time zone information.

Having one more patch for time zones out of hundreds of others is

Jim Pennino

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