[ntp:questions] Can or should the NTP protocol eventually serve timezone data?

Rob nomail at example.com
Sun Jun 21 09:30:17 UTC 2009

jimp at specsol.spam.sux.com <jimp at specsol.spam.sux.com> wrote:
> John Hasler <john at dhh.gt.org> wrote:
>> Jim Pennino writes:
>>> If you limit the problem to Olson, the problem was solved years ago at:
>>> ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/
>> Until they have a budget cut, a server reorganization, decide the traffic
>> is excessive, or just get bored.
> You are still ignoring the fact that all the real OS vendors provide
> patches.

And you keep ingnoring the fact that timezone info is not just about
OS vendors.  NTP is a protcol that can be used by anything that wants
to keep correct time, not only by a computer system running a commercial

> How many changes have effected YOU since 1976?

Isn't it a bit selfish to waive away solutions to a problem that you
have not experienced personally?

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