[ntp:questions] Can or should the NTP protocol eventually serve timezone data?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Mon Jun 22 14:19:21 UTC 2009

Todd Glassey CISM CIFI wrote:
> Joe wrote:
>> Timezone data is fairly dynamic. It makes sense to have some form of
>> network service to update timezone data. Does anyone know if there
>> have been any proposals about a standardized timezone update protocol,
>> or reasons why there should not be one? Since NTP is well established,
>> maybe it could be expanded to include timezone data?
> I submitted this as a discovery protocol addition about 5 years ago and 
> it was squashed but I think the NEA people picked up some of this. FWIW  
> there should probably be something in DHCP and DNSSEC as well for it.
> Todd Glassey

No, DNSSEC is not involved here, nor should it be and there is certainly
nothing going on in the working group nor has it even been raised. There
is also nothing going on in the DHCP working group with regards to this
and it's certainly not on their agenda.


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