[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP Software--Time Accuracy

W. eWatson notvalid2 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 22 16:13:18 UTC 2009

It's been a busy weekend, and I'm getting a bit more time for this. I worked 
my way down Program Files to the NTP folder and found two conf files. The 
general conf file shows:
# NTP Network Time Protocol
# **** ATTENTION ****: *You have to restart the NTP service when you change 
this file to activate the changes*
# Configuration File created by Windows Binary Distribution Installer Rev.: 
1.25  mbg
# please check http://www.ntp.org for additional documentation and 
background information
# Use drift file
driftfile "C:\Program Files\NTP\etc\ntp.drift"

# your local system clock, could be used as a backup
# (this is only useful if you need to distribute time no matter how good or 
bad it is)
# but it should operate at a high stratum level to let the clients know and 
force them to
# use any other timesource they may have.
#fudge stratum 12

# Use specific NTP servers
server tick.usno.nav.mil iburst

# End of generated ntp.conf --- Please edit this to suite your needs

The ntp.drift file shows 0.000

I would guess that possible server locations can be found in a list like 
<http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262680>, which shows NIST servers, and 
Level One Servers. The site refers to other lists, one from the Naval Obs. I 
would think I need to choose several either around the west coast or around 
North America to add to the config file above. Do I need to include iburst 
or some other parameter?

I see on the Start->Meinberg Win200 menu a number of choices.
Service Control
Edit NTP Config
Web Links
    Meinberg downloads
    Server Project
    Official Site
    Publc Service Project
Quick NTP Status

I presume the Service Control and Quick Status contain all the "commands" 

I tried comparing my atomic clock (Radio Shack) to the Win2000 clock, but 
it's a bit tricky glancing from one to the other. There may be a 2 sec 
difference. It's been about 45 hours since I started the service and I 
expect about 4 to 4.2 seconds drift from my PC clock in that period.

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