[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP Software--Time Accuracy

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Mon Jun 22 19:46:35 UTC 2009

W. eWatson wrote:

> # Use specific NTP servers
> server tick.usno.nav.mil iburst
> I would guess that possible server locations can be found
>  in a list like <http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262680>,

You might be better off using <http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/use.html>

 server 0.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 server 1.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 server 2.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 server 3.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst

If you have at least at least ntp-dev-4.2.5p86
 e.g. Message-ID: <0fd7b5c0-3f34-4dc7-8d2c-fce10cf4a430 at h28g2000yqd.googlegroups.com>

  you can use the pool commands. e.g.

 pool 0.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 pool 1.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 pool 2.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst
 pool 3.us.pool.ntp.org preempt iburst

>  which shows NIST servers, and Level One Servers.
>   The site refers to other lists, one from the Naval Obs.
>  I would think I need to choose several either around the
>   west coast or around North America to add to the config
>   file above.
>  Do I need to include iburst or some other parameter?

Some of those are only supposed to be used with permission,
 by Strat 1 or 2 servers.

e.g. <http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/ntp.html>
All of the following stratum 1 NTP servers are open to
  stratum 2 servers within the same time zone and to others
  by arrangement.
 Individual users should consult the  public list of stratum
  2 servers.

#  tick.usno.navy.mil
Location: Time Service Dept., U.S. Naval Observatory,
 Washington, DC
Synchronization: NTP V4 primary (USNO Master Clock H-masers)
Access Policy: open access for MIL, GOV, and other stratum
 2 servers. Choose only one of tick/tock/ntp2.usno.navy.mil.

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