[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP Software--Time Accuracy

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-part.nor-this.co.uk.invalid
Tue Jun 23 12:10:48 UTC 2009

W. eWatson wrote:
> It looks like pulling the preempt, did the trick. It "looks" like the
> two sources, NTP and my Radio Shack atomic clock, are very close. Too
> bad one of them doesn't beep every five seconds.

My simple analog clock doesn't beep, but it does step on the second:


> Is there a primer for NTP?

Good question, I hope one of the documentation guys can help.

> I have a number of colleagues who are working with the same equipment
> and software, but are operaing with Linux or Apple. Does some
> implementation like Meinberg exist for them?  Where would they find
> it?

It's available for Linux and Apple - operating systems I am less familiar 


Whether they have such user-friendly install routines I can't say for 
sure, but I don't think so.


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