[ntp:questions] iff on depended server

Carsten Rieck carsten.rieck at sp.se
Tue Jun 23 14:53:09 UTC 2009


I wonder how to correctly configure dependent autokey servers.
I am using 4.2.4p5 with linuxpps on the server and vanilla 4.2.4p5 on 
the clients

Even though a successful autokey+iff association should show flags=0x83f2,
I think i have a working configuration for a single iff 
server(st1)-client system:

assID=8385 status=f614 reach, conf, auth, sel_sys.peer, 1 event, 

If the above is a correctly configured/working association on the 
client, what would be the correct way of configuring the same client to 
be a dependent autokey server?
Obviously the clients private key cannot be used to extract group 
parameters. Creating server type parameters on the client brakes the 
association to the server . Do dependent servers have to share the same 
group parameters ?

I seem lost and would be grateful for advice.

with best regards
Carsten Rieck

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