[ntp:questions] Meinberg NTP Software--Time Accuracy

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Tue Jun 23 23:15:35 UTC 2009

W. eWatson wrote:

> I would guess that possible server locations can be found in a list like 
> <http://support.microsoft.com/kb/262680>, which shows NIST servers, and 

I wouldn't rely on anything from Microsoft.  At best they are intended 
for w32time updating every few days.

> Level One Servers. The site refers to other lists, one from the Naval 

You haven't made a valid case for using stratum one servers.  Start with 
the official list of stratum 2 ones, or use the pool, as others have 

However, first, if in an organisation, try:

ntp.yourdomain, ntp1.yourdomain, ntp2.yourdomain....

Next, if you have a competent ISP, try:

ntp.yourisp, ntp1.yourisp, ntp2.yourisp.....

ISP's often don't announce these, because their marketing people think 
it too boring and too scary for the average customer.

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