[ntp:questions] Troubleshooting who's at fault

Rob nomail at example.com
Fri Jun 26 08:50:39 UTC 2009

Ronaldo Mexico <ronaldo.hawk.mexico at gmail.com> wrote:
> In reply to Gene Miller and Steve Kostecke:
>> If the PTS is connected to a reference clock, why does it report
>> itself as a stratum 2 with a refid of either or LOCAL(0),
>> as shown in the original posting:
> The PTS -is- it's reference.  It's time is based on GPS-fed data, then
> internally disciplined using a rubidium oscillator.  Technically, it's
> the master time server, which is probably why it's showing a refid of
> LOCAL(0) and/or

I think it is not a good sign.  I would advise you to go to that unit
and check that it really is operating as it should.  Maybe the GPS
antenna has failed and it is free-running.

It may well be that Windows syncs to the freerunning clock without
complaining, and ntpd refuses to do so.

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