[ntp:questions] NTP - best practice if there is a local stratum 2 server

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Sun Jun 28 22:36:30 UTC 2009

Michael Laajanen wrote:

> Init file is /etc/inet/ntp.conf

Not necessarily, and I suspect that this isn't even the most common 
location for this file.  May be it is on Solaris, but that is only 
indicated by the newsgroups, not the subject or the body text.

> Make it easy, sync them all to a ntp server, internal or external should

Did you mean "the same NTP server"?  Even if you did, they can end up 
polling it at very different times.

> not matter for the simple use you plan for(make)

> You have time.apple.com for instance and tick tock
> server tick.usnogps.navy.mil
> server tock.usnogps.navy.mil and nasa

This is a bad server to use as it is overloaded.  Generally very well 
known servers are unlikely to be good choices, not least for the server.

> ntp.nasa.gov

I don't know about that one, but servers have to be chosen based on the 
client location.

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