[ntp:questions] NTP - best practice if there is a local stratum 2 server

Terje Mathisen "terje.mathisen at tmsw.no" at ntp.org
Tue Jun 30 13:14:07 UTC 2009

erik magnuson wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> It's easier to get and keep close synchronization if you have have 
>> some sort of a "hardware reference clock" such as a GPS timing 
>> receiver, a WWV receiver, etc.  GPS timing receivers are available 
>> from $100 US and up.  The bottom of the scale is a bare circuit 

No, the bottom of the scale is the Garmin integrated GPS/serial/pps 
unit, which cost ~$80. Add a $5 USB cable for power and a DB9 serial 
connector and you have a sub-$100 timing source.

I believe I have read a notice about at least one guy who will sell you 
an assembled & tested configuration like that.


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