[ntp:questions] PPSAPI supported on Windows

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 22:43:54 UTC 2009

My latest test version of ntpd for Windows adds support for
refclock_atom using PPSAPI.  This is only available for PPS connected
to a serial port CD pin, and requires use of my patched serialpps.sys.

As with prior versions you can still use a NMEA + PPS source without
my patched serialpps.sys installed.  If you use such a refclock with
my serialpps.sys, you'll get better timestamps and reports every two
hours of the latency between the interrupt-time serialpps.sys
timestamps and the user-mode PPS timestamps you would be using without
it installed.


If you wish to try serialpps.sys and are on a 32-bit system, download
that .zip, extract all files, and run the enclosed install.bat.  If
you're on a 64-bit system you could be the first to build a
serialpps.sys for your processor architecture, after a hefty WDK
download, DVD burn, and install.  Contact me if you have a 64-bit
Windows system and are interested.


There are 5 .zip files for the latest 20090301 test version of ntpd
with refclock_atom (127.127.22.x), but most people will only want:


Dave Hart

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