[ntp:questions] Proposed NTP solution for a network

Jason bmwjason at bmwlt.com
Wed Mar 4 01:24:54 UTC 2009

David Woolley wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> A very poor configuration if accuracy is wanted.  Typically, one 
>> "edge", leading or trailing, of the PPS output is within 50 to 100 
>> nanoseconds of the "top of the second"!  The serial output tells you 
>> the time value of the PPS "edge".
> As I read it, the PPS was a red herring.  I think the appliances are 
> ethernet appliances, so any notional serial link from the reference 
> clock is purely internal.  The appliances probably do use PPS.
The appliance does indeed have a high-quality receiver, and has NTP on 
Ethernet output, as well as PPS (DE-9 connector) and 10Mhz on BNC (coax) 


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