[ntp:questions] Mixed maxpoll values for mixed LAN/Internet servers - sensible?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Mar 4 07:26:22 UTC 2009

>>> In article <8YLql.1528$Lc7.1317 at text.news.virginmedia.com>, "David J Taylor" <david-taylor at blueyonder.neither-this-bit.nor-this.co.uk> writes:
Harlan> Become a member of the NTP Forum.

David> I applied and heard nothing.

I'll look to see what happened there.

Harlan> Get companies you work with/for to become members.

David> I applied and heard nothing.  As a single-man company, I cannot spare
David> funds, I'm afraid.

I was speaking to an audience that included you, but was not limited to you.

If you work for companies that have a significant "need" for NTP, I'd
appreciate your lobbying them to join.  If the information at the ntpforum
site is not sufficiently compelling I'd appreciate learning how to improve
the content.

Harlan> Volunteer to write code for the project.

David> I don't do "C".  I have already wriiten an NTP monitoring program,
David> and shown how MRTG can be used to monitor NTP on a routine basis.  I
David> spent some time trying to get NTP to compile on my system, using both
David> the Microsoft tools and some free compilers, but I could never get it
David> to sompile and link.

Yes, and again, I was speaking to a larger audience.

Harlan> Volunteer to improve the documentation on the support website.

David> I submitted a number of bug reports.

Yes, thanks for that.  And the documentation on the support website can be
improved by anybody who wants to - it is fairly trivial to create an account

Harlan> There are probably other ways, too.  Be imaginative.  Be helpful.

David> Harlan,

David> It may not be intended this way, but you are hitting on the wrong
David> person here.  I have tried to do a lot to get NTP accepted within the
David> Windows community and worked with those who develop the software.

Appreciated, and again, I was speaking to an audience that included, but was
not limited to, you.
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