[ntp:questions] http://www.ntp.org/ => a blank page?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 4 12:43:47 UTC 2009

David J Taylor wrote:
> Steve Kostecke wrote:
> []
>> The canonnical address for contacting the individuals responsible for
>> the operation of any web-site is webmaster at thedomain. One does not
>> need to see a web-page to learn this.
> Steve, I'm delighted to hear that ntp.org still conform to this 
> convention, but very many Web sites today do not.
> Thanks,
> David

When the site works correctly it's no great loss.

When the site doesn't work correctly. . . .

I ran into this when a Norton Anti-Virus site would not let me renew my 
license.  Short of sending them snail-mail there was NO way to let them 
know their site was badly broken!

I installed a competing product (freeware) and have not had any problems 
with it or with virii!

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