[ntp:questions] http://www.ntp.org/ => a blank page?

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Mar 4 20:38:08 UTC 2009


I never made the DNS request myself, but I might have rubberstamped a 
request from you without looking closely at it. My fault, not yours.

We have had this discussion before, so let me repeat the rules. The home 
page for ntp.org lives here and nowhere else (but, see below). The 
software itself, including archives and the project page live here and 
nowhere else This is purely for security purposes. Any of this stuff can 
be mirrored anywhere else and any claims for authenticity 
notwithstanding.. But, if you get it from here via ntp.org, it's the 
real stuff and there are professional folks here responsible for the 
care and upkeep of the hardware, including tens of terabyres of RAID 5 
and huge backup farms.

I've always been happy to have the public services project hosted 
elsewhere. All I care about is the point of entry - the home page - and 
the software and archives. If you choose to host the home page elsewhere 
for redundancy, you must promise that the mirrored pages are exactly the 

The host machine for ntp.org is one of several virtual machines on our 
huge departmet server farm. We are in the midst of a software  upgrade 
that may have taken the farm down for a few hours. We have had a couple 
of power outs over the last couple of years, but the farm has been lit 
all the time. The UDel campus infrastructure is massively sollid, as is 
our Internet-2 connectivity. Outside the I-2 community we use a local 
ISP that has been quite reliable, not like the bad old days. I did a 
traceroute to google.com and am astonished at how good things look. We 
used to use a DS3 circuit to the ISP, but I can see it's now faster than 


Harlan Stenn wrote:

>>>>In article <49AE9672.7080800 at udel.edu>, mills at udel.edu (David Mills) writes:
>David> Rob, The only, and I repeat only, DNS entry I ever submitted was for
>David> 128.4.  Any other entry in the database must be due to an intruder.
>Uh, no.
>www.ntp.org is a mirrored splash page that points visitors interested in the
>reasearch and technical development aspects of the projet to your pages at
>UDel, and points visitors interested in support issues to the Public
>Services Project website.
>After previous headaches and problems with UDel and www.ntp.org "going dark"
>we all agreed it would be OK (and better) to have multiple hosts answer for
>I'm happy to go in to greater detail via email.

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