[ntp:questions] Proposed NTP solution for a network

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Mar 4 20:39:25 UTC 2009

>>> In article <fec26825-fa30-4a3e-8bd2-4295b6cf1664 at e36g2000prg.googlegroups.com>, Augustine <evandro at mailinator.com> writes:

Augustine> On Mar 3, 4:01 pm, "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilber... at comcast.net>
Augustine> wrote:
>>  NTP does this ONLY when the time is off by 128 milliseconds or more.  If
>> NTP is that far off, other than at startup, something is badly wrong
>> somewhere!

Augustine> The problem is that I've seen this in the silly reaction of
Augustine> different NTP versions and servers to the recent leap second,
Augustine> causing my systems to be stepped by 1s back and forth (see bug
Augustine> #1110).

So if you are in an environment where this is a problem it might make sense
to be sure you are running consistent versions of NTP across your enterprise
so this is no longer an issue.

Also remember that if the resolution of bug 1110 includes a software change,
people will most likely need to upgrade to the newer version of NTP to get
that change.

It may also mean you have to be a bit more careful in selecting which
external servers you sync with.
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