[ntp:questions] Reference implementation 4.2.4p6 receive() swapping bytes..?

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 02:15:51 UTC 2009

On Mar 7, 1:53 am, regan_russ... at hotmail.com wrote:
> In the receive() function I am getting packets with the xmit, rec,
> orig fields and semi-randomly in different byte order.
> I chased this down from process_packet() but stopped there.

You must have broken something along the way.  I can't imagine 4.2.4p6
has this problem and no one has noticed it before.  I've done a whole
bunch of patches against 4.2.4p6 and see no reachability register
misses for example.

It might be wise to spend a little time reviewing your changes using
winmerge, windiff, or another tree-diff utility.

Good luck,
Dave Hart

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