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Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Mon Mar 9 16:05:24 UTC 2009

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

>> You are dependent on the ISP's DNS being up and able to respond. Since
>> you can make the queries yourself why bother with their DNS? If there's
>> no connectivity all queries will fail. I'm not sure how the idea of
>> going to one's ISP for DNS service got started but it doesn't make a lot
>> of sense from a network point of view. Almost all queries are unlikely
>> to be shared with other users of the ISP so it's not faster and you have
>> added a single point of failure to your network.
> Where, other than your ISP, would you go for DNS?  If you are a home 
> user what choices do you have?  If you are responsible for a multi-user 
> site it may make sense to operate your own DNS?  I'm working from a 
> two-user site and using my ISP's DNS.  I'm paying Comcast for internet 
> access and I consider name service to be part of the package; so, 
> evidently, does Comcast.

If all you need are external DNS addresses, etc. then you just use your
ISP's DNS. What we are talking about is if you are already running your
own DNS for internal nodes and for external name resolution as well.
When you do that you don't need to forward your requests to your ISP as
there is no benefit to doing so as you are already running a DNS which
can do that for you.


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