[ntp:questions] best gps receiver for time synchronization

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Mon Mar 9 21:45:56 UTC 2009

jack <j.jack.wang at gmail.com> writes:

>Hi all,

>I am trying to sync my Windows box to an external GPS source. I
>currently have BU353, whose output is not very periodic. I read up on
>ntpd implementation that uses PPS signal but I don't even have an RS
>232 port on my computer.

How do you get the signal in now? Do you have a parallel port?
USB is terrible. But then Windows is terrible as well, so the two probably
are about equivalent. If you can use the PPS you can get a few microseconds
accuracy on a Linux/BSD ssytem. I think on Windows you are lucky with

>My questions:
>1) what's the best GPS antenna (and protocol) in terms of
>consistencies in its output?

What output? USB? None are very good. 

>2) what kind of accuracy can i expect?

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