[ntp:questions] Reference implementation 4.2.4p6 receive() swapping bytes..?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Tue Mar 10 02:53:19 UTC 2009

regan_russell at hotmail.com wrote:
> Hi there,
> In ntp_config.c I have added my own modifiers on the server line so
> that if talking to one of my own servers I flag it as such, in the
> peer structure I add a flag to indicate own of my category of time
> servers, I added code to ntp_crypto.c and ntp_protocol.c and have my
> own crypto type and shove my own stuff into extension fields. All the
> stuff I am doing works but...

Exactly what are you trying to accomplish? Obviously you are doing
something wrong but it would be better if you explained why you are
doing it so we can suggest better options. It is dangerous to muck
around with the ntp_cypto.c and ntp_protocol.c code unless you really
understand what you are doing. We certainly will not be supporting any
crypto which is not publically and freely and available and unencumbered
by any patents, or other claims. In addition your crypto extension would
have to pass a security review.


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