[ntp:questions] Significance of "space" in the ntpq -p display

Dave Hart davehart at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 21:10:37 UTC 2009

On Mar 12, 8:28 pm, "David J Taylor" <david-tay... at blueyonder.neither-
this-bit.nor-this.co.uk> wrote:
> Dave Hart wrote:
> > On Mar 12, 8:12 pm, "David J Taylor" <david-tay... at blueyonder.neither-
> > this-bit.nor-this.co.uk> wrote:
> >> Dave Hart wrote:
> >>> It looks like you've found a documentation omission.
> >> Thanks, Dave. As you have the code to hand, could you report it as a
> >> bug?
> > Sure.  Where did you find the slightly inadequate description of space
> > in the first character of the peers billboard lines?
> The only table I can find on the official site is:
>  http://www.cis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/html/decode.html
> where the description is: "discarded as not valid (TEST10-TEST13)"

Does it also have a more detailed description of TEST12?

> Search Google with the exact phrase:  "The peer is discarded as
> unreachable, synchronized to this server (synch loop) or outrageous
> synchronization distance."  and you get three pages of hits.  These appear
> to refer to the man page for ntpq(8) which I don't have.

I believe the reference NTP source does not include man pages, so I
don't think a http://bugs.ntp.org/ report would be useful.  You might
check http://support.ntp.org/ to see if there's something you can add
or correct there about peers billboard sync codes.

However, both sites are currently inaccessible to me, which I reported
to webmaster at ntp.org but that mail may be hosted on the same
unreachable machine.  From three test locations I reach an ISC router
responding host unreachable which I think means the connectivity is
fine but the host isn't.  I'll forward the report on to a few selected
non- at ntp.org email addresses.

Dave Hart

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