[ntp:questions] What exactly does "Maximum Distance Exceded" mean?

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Sun Mar 15 21:38:12 UTC 2009

Joseph Gwinn <joegwinn at comcast.net> writes:

>In article <49BD3A1E.2020207 at ntp.org>, mayer at ntp.org (Danny Mayer) 

>> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> > Joseph Gwinn wrote:
>> >> Is NTP v4 proven to run on Solaris 9 (SunOS 5.9 Generic May 2002)?
>> > 
>> > Proven?  Please define that!  It works for me.  YMMV!
>> NTP v4 builds on most versions of Solaris. If for some reason it does
>> not build, Harlan can help with that since he's the build master. We
>> have Solaris boxes in the build farm.

>Good to know.

>What's the story for IBM's AIX?

>> > Version 3 is AT LEAST six years old.  V4.something is current.  Vendors 
>> > are still shipping V3 because the RFC for V4 has not yet been formally 
>> > adopted.  Or, if it has been adopted, the adoption is extremely recent.
>> > 
>> The RFC has not yet been published but it's really close.

>I have read at least one draft.  The fact that it isn't yet a RFC is not 
>a problem.

That 5 years after version 3 has been dropped there is still no Request for
Comments (which is what RFC means) is a problem. An RFC is not supposed to
be the Final Word. (but people do tend to treat them as such).

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