[ntp:questions] refclock on Windows graphs

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.neither-this-bit.nor-this.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 09:33:04 UTC 2009

Dave Hart wrote:
> I updated the satsignal.eu NTPplotter beta when I still could not find
> _*.png files being saved by the Save button.  There's a new knob to
> control the period over which the jitter running average is
> calculated, which most likely means the average jitter line isn't
> directly comparable to the graph from the 15th/16th, otherwise
> everything else is comparable.
> Cheers,
> Dave Hart

There's one problem in deciding how many samples to average when the 
sample interval isn't constant.  The program makes a best guess for the 
number of hours you request, and displays the number of samples as a hint 
on the up/down label.  It tries to make the exponential decay to a 10% 
final value over the selected number of samples.  Of course, you can 
choose between simple average and exponential average as you wish.  You 
can also re-process older loopstats for comparison.

I've just uploaded a new version which tells you what image files, if any, 
were saved.


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