[ntp:questions] Test internal clock

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 19 11:21:40 UTC 2009

Rob wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Towli wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I would like to test my internal clock (from my domain pc) against a 
>>> public ntp server, to see if there is a discrepance (i suspect our 
>>> domain time is not synchronised properly).
>>> Is there a way to do this?
>>> Bst rgds from Denmark
>>> /T
>> You can install ntpd and/or ntpdate.  Ntpdate will either set your clock 
>> or tell you how far off it is, depending on the options you select. 
>> Ntpdate is deprecated.
>> Ntpd will discipline your clock so that it synchronizes with your 
>> selected time source(s).
>> Meinberg Funkuhren offers a pre-built ntpd for Windows together with a 
>> Windows "installer".  Our Meinberg contact is "Martin Burnicki"
>> <martin.burnicki at meinberg.de>
> I am a little confused about this group...
> Is it really only about ntpd as written by Dr. Mills?
> I believed it is in the "protocols" hierarchy and is about the "ntp"
> protocol.
> When somebody asks a question about a Windows system, where a native
> NTP implementation is available that can be debugged with a simple
> commandline program (w32tm), the response to any question invariably
> is to "install ntpd".

W32TM is NOT the equivalent of ntpd!  W32TM simply asks "what time is 
it?" and unconditionally believes the answer it gets.  It does use the 
NTP protocol.

> It may have some advantages, but is it really necessary for everyone?

It DOES have some advantages and it is NOI really necessary for 
everyone.  Many people are satisfied if their computer knows the correct 
date!  Some of us are more demanding!  Knowing the exact time can make a 
real difference when you are trying to make sense of the log files on 
two or more computers, or routers.

> Wouldn't it be better to help everyone with the software they are using,
> instead to first suggest them to convert?
> It almost seems like a religious group.  Most people try to convert
> the world to Mills' NTPD, and then there is the dissident who tries
> to push Chrony in every thread.

I think I see people following you, carrying torches and fagots.

> Not really necessary, I think.

You are right!  Chrony is not really necessary!

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