[ntp:questions] Test internal clock

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Fri Mar 20 03:36:45 UTC 2009

"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> writes:

>Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> Richard,
>> Please be more tolerant.
>> Some of us *vastly* prefer top-posted articles.
>> Let's just agree to disagree about this, and stop lobbying for our personal
>> preferences.
>> H
>> --
>>>>> In article <dNudnURmdN9V7lzUnZ2dnUVZ_h-WnZ2d at giganews.com>, "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> writes:
>> Richard> Towli wrote:
>>>> Wau - Thank you !  i bellieve thats exactly what i needed. It works on my
>>>> personal pc but not on my domain pc. I bellieve port 123 is blocked in
>>>> the firewall at work.  Can i somehow verify if there is open for port udp
>>>> port 123 and if it is not open, is there an alternative way to do what is
>>>> done with that command?  Best rgds /T "Rob" <nomail at example.com> skrev i
>>>> meddelelsen news:slrngs2qsr.2u4f.nomail at xs7.xs4all.nl...
>>>>> Towli <towli at oldboyz.dk> wrote: Hi
>>>>> I would like to test my internal clock (from my domain pc) against a
>>>>> public
>>>>> ntp server, to see if there is a discrepance (i suspect our domain time
>>>>> is
>>>>> not synchronised properly).
>>>>> Is there a way to do this?
>>>>>  w32tm /monitor /computers:pool.ntp.org
>> Richard> Please don't top post!
>> Richard> Ask your network manager about port 123/UDP.  He should be able to
>> Richard> tell you if he has it blocked and, perhaps, will be willing to open
>> Richard> it if you tell him you need it.

>It seems that the "vast majority" disagree.  I'm not about to jump on 
>your patron for top posting; I think he's earned the right to do what he 
>wants.  For everyone else. . . .

>a.  Bottom posting is the custom!
>b.  It makes a lot of sense to have a discussion in order, from top to 

And it makes even more sense to have it at the top so that I can see that
the response is totally off topic without having to scroll through the
whole rest of the ancient history of the post. 

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