[ntp:questions] refclock on Windows graphs

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.neither-this-bit.nor-this.co.uk
Fri Mar 20 09:24:30 UTC 2009

Uwe Klein wrote:
> How many temperatures does your motherboards BIOS/Healthmonitor
> screen show?
> Quite often there are three:
> CPU,
> ~Northbridge,
> "somewhere ambient"
> last straw would be to wire a LM75 I2C TempSensor
> or similar to the MB SM-Bus ( most have an unused connector.
> uwe


Thanks for your reply.  That PC is booted as little as possible, so I 
can't recall the BIOS screens right now.  It's a Dell 4400, and not 
supported by quite a few of the graphic temperature monitor software, so 
probably not a "standard" chip.  I don't know whether Dell provides an API 
which can be used to monitor any temperatures either, or even a utility to 
show temperatures.


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