[ntp:questions] PCI-SYNCCLOCK32-UNIV driver

Upakul Barkakaty upakul at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 11:52:34 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I recently installed a PCI-SYNCCLOCK32-UNIV card on my PC having a Linux
installation. I further installed the NTP package, and tried to use the
ntp/refclock_gpsvme.c driver.

Now the manual I have specifies that the timing registers can be accessed
from the PCI I/O space{BAR 1}. However when I read the PCI config space
using lspci I could just see BAR0 and BAR2, no BAR1 mappings. I tried out
memory mapping BAR0 and BAR2, but unfortunately their contents did not look
like the intended SYNC32 register values.

Could anyone throw some light on what could be going wrong? Any idea on
which Bar address register worked for you? Could there be any problems with
the BIOS/Linux successfully allocating resources for the PCI I/O space ?


Upakul Barkakaty

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