[ntp:questions] SIGINFO for Portable OpenNTP on Linux

RedGrittyBrick RedGrittyBrick at spamweary.invalid
Fri Sep 4 13:55:13 UTC 2009

Dave Hart wrote:
> On Sep 4, 9:44 am, RedGrittyBrick wrote:
>> I'm using OpenNTP 3.9p1 (http://www.openntpd.org/) on an RedHat 8 Linux
>> server.
> This group (which is theoretically also gatewayed to
> questions at lists.ntp.org) is populated mostly by people using the
> ntp.org reference implementation.  You'll probably have more success
> with a OpenNTPD- or OpenBSD-focused list.  If you'd like some Chrony
> advocacy, we have a few participants willing to oblige.

I didn't realise this was a controversial point, sorry for any 
annoyance caused.

My aim is simply to get timestamps in logfiles synchronised to within 
100ms across a handful of servers and PCs on a LAN. I'm aware that NTP 
normally does far far better than this, it may be overkill for my needs.

RedHat 8 does have ntp-4.1.1a which is the latest RPM I can find for it.
However this runs but has problems communicating with NTP servers. I've 
  not been able to fathom why. Maybe I should revisit that.

I would download the latest ntp.org source but my C skills are few and I 
thought there might be dependency issues on such an old OS.

Any advice/suggestions welcome.


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