[ntp:questions] SIGINFO for Portable OpenNTP on Linux

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Fri Sep 4 16:54:54 UTC 2009

Dave Hart <davehart at gmail.com> writes:

>On Sep 4, 1:55=A0pm, RedGrittyBrick wrote:
>> RedHat 8 does have ntp-4.1.1a which is the latest RPM I can find for it.
>> However this runs but has problems communicating with NTP servers. I've
>> =A0 not been able to fathom why. Maybe I should revisit that.

>I wouldn't bother.  That version came out in 2002 [1], any problems
>are not going to garner a lot of interest from the developers of ntp
>unless they also occur on the current ntp-stable (4.2.4p7) or recent
>ntp-dev (4.2.5) as well.

>> I would download the latest ntp.org source but my C skills are few and I
>> thought there might be dependency issues on such an old OS.
>> Any advice/suggestions welcome.

>Now you're talking my language.  You don't need to have any C skills
>to use the ntp.org source tarballs.  Grab 4.2.4p7 or 4.2.5p209 from
>http://www.ntp.org/downloads.html, then:

>tar xzf ntp*.gz
>cd ntp*
>./configure --with-lineeditlibs=3Dreadline

Well, you had better make sure that you have a variety of developement
packages installed. Eg, gcc, make, libc-devel, ...

>You should then either:

>sudo make install
>make install

>If you have any problems, we'll help you through them.  The ntp.org
>distribution works on some very ancient OSes, yours is still
>relatively young by our standards :)

>Dave Hart

>[1] http://archive.ntp.org/ntp4/ntp-4.1/

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