[ntp:questions] ntpd not talking to servers? (was Re: SIGINFO for Portable OpenNTP on Linux)

RedGrittyBrick RedGrittyBrick at spamweary.invalid
Fri Sep 4 16:47:05 UTC 2009

Ronan Flood wrote:
> RedGrittyBrick <RedGrittyBrick at spamweary.invalid> wrote:
>> # ntpdate
>>   4 Sep 16:35:49 ntpdate[3543]: no servers can be used, exiting
> You have to give it a server: "ntpdate ntp1.exa.net.uk" or whatever.
> However thanks for the tcpdump, which does indeed show traffic flowing.
> Looking again at your ntp.conf, you've got
> restrict default ignore
> which will be the problem here.  You have to open the restrictions
> for the servers you're trying to use, but that might be complicated
> by the fact that you're using the pool, with multiple A records for
> each entry if your DNS resolver is rotating entries.
> Try "restrict default nomodify nopeer notrap" instead of ignore and
> see how that goes.

That fixed it, thanks!


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