[ntp:questions] lists.ntp.org uses an invalid security certificate....

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Sun Sep 6 23:03:50 UTC 2009

Dave Hart wrote:
 > Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
 >> Bottom line is: those certificates cost money!
 >>  I don't know how much. . .   I never needed one.
 > As I recall it worked out to about 10 cents per day over a
 >   two year term per site.
 >  So to cover just https://support.ntp.org (which would take
 >   care of Bugzilla the the TWikis, about $60 for two years.
 > There is substantial clue among the ntp.org staff that
 >  this is a scam, but at that price, I am willing to suffer
 >  the vig myself to smooth the way for more people to read
 >  and file NTP bugs.


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