[ntp:questions] NTP in a Linux cluster

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-part.nor-this.co.uk.invalid
Tue Sep 8 15:24:04 UTC 2009

"Richard B. Gilbert" <> wrote in message 
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> Lorcan wrote:
>> Can the "peer" entries have minpoll and maxpoll?  If so, is there
>> any reason not to set those to low values (4? 6?)?
> I don't know if servers or peers can be given their own minpoll and 
> maxpoll.  There is very little reason to meddle with the default MINPOLL 
> and MAXPOLL!  NTPD adjusts the value in use as needed.

I would certainly compare the performance with the default values, letting 
ntpd adjust the minpoll and maxpoll, and setting the values to, say, 
minpoll=maxpoll=6.  See which works best for you.

I have found that, for me, having the fixed smaller values on local LAN 
servers produces lower offsets, although that was not on Linux systems.

On two of my systems which peer with each other I have:

  peer  maxpoll 6

  peer  maxpoll 6

I believe it makes sense to have only one "prefer"d server.

How accurate do you need this?


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