[ntp:questions] ntpd: time reset problem

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Sun Sep 20 10:26:51 UTC 2009

David J Taylor wrote:
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>> It's very wet round here with 90 +/- 10% R/H being common in
>> various locations including out back of house which is often
>> 95%. You could only hang washing out for it to get wet. This
>> means leaves are soaking wet and beginning of year when I
>> swapped from BR304 to GPS18-LVC I was getting continuous
>> reach 377 but this deteriorated as trees came into leaf.
> Ah, I thought you were in the UK.  The 18x LVC is a lot more sensitive 
> than the 18 (without the x), for your information.

20 mile from Manchester, was a centre of cotton industry,
due to very high humidity meaning some of processes involved
were possible with much less risk of explosions.

Bacup and Stacksteads ... Money was made so quickly that the
valley became known as "The Golden Valley"

Unfortunately very far from that now.


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