[ntp:questions] client sincronization on NTP over dhcp

martinez cesar antarix_ at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 29 15:28:26 UTC 2009

Hi there!
I´m trying to implement a NTP server on a linux box, the majority of my clients are windows XP and some linuxes.

I´m trying to automatically synchronize those clients to NTP server, across DHCP options to try to send the IP and NTP server address as well as the correct time zone (UTC-X & UTC-Y).

The results on my test on linux clients are that they take the NTP server address but not time zome but the windows clients seem to ignore any NTP settings.

I´ve read the references on microsoft sites, but they are poorly on releases near to WinXP. I´ve modified the _register_ with the same result.

Those are the options I´ve used to send NTP server settings and timezone:
option pcode code 100 = text;
option tcode code 101 = text;
 option ntp-servers 10.X.X.X;
 option pcode "CST6CDT";
 option time-offset    -21600;
I´m not using a Domain Controller(I don´t need it), so according to docs in Microsoft setting the NTP server address on a windows client though command line it seems to run OK, on command line but it does not keep the settings.
net stop w32time
net time /setsntp:10.X.X.X
net start w32time
net time /querysntp

In resume I haven´t found the right way to put my clients to synchronize with NTP server.

P.S. I post it in this list by the relation to NTP server expecting to find a way for solution.

Tnxs in advance.



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