[ntp:questions] Size of ntpd program

Piotr Grudzinski piotr at powersmiths.com
Tue Sep 29 21:38:38 UTC 2009

I am trying to minimize the size of the ntpd program (I need ntp client for my uClinux base system). Here are my configuration options: 

 --disable-debugging \
 --disable-all-clocks \
 --disable-parse-clocks \
 --disable-kmem \
 --disable-saveconfig \
 --with-gnu-ld \
 --without-openssl-libdir --without-openssl-incdir --without-crypto \
 --without-electricfence --without-ntpsnmpd

I have noticed that the size of ntpd program between ntp-dev-4.2.5p219 and ntp-dev-4.2.5p224 increased from 340KB to 430KB.

Is there a real justification for this size increase of 90KB?

Best Regards,

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