[ntp:questions] NTP on small 100% Linux LAN : reasonable access control policy ?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Mon Aug 2 11:18:02 UTC 2010

"Niki Kovacs" <mickey at mouse.com> wrote in message 
news:4c567a3d$0$24091$426a74cc at news.free.fr...
> 1) I'm trying to impress my girlfriend by typing loads of unnecessary 
> restrict statements in my ntp.conf.
> 2) I'm desperately trying to get rid of a compulsive obsessional 
> disorder, and I thought this USENET group would be helpful.
> 3) I'm new to NTP, and after having read through a few tutorials, I'm 
> vaguely thinking about security (like : limiting access to local 
> services), so I thought I asked on this list.
> Choose your answer :o)
> Cheers from the rainy South of France,
> Niki


(1) is a great goal!  I think you fail on (2).

For (3), on the LAN here, I've never used any security restriction on NTP, 
not on any of my portable PCs used on public networks.  I may have been 
protected, though by being behind NAT routers, and I've never set up any 
port forwarding rules for UDP packets on port 123.  On the other hand, I 
don't have any untrustworthy users on that LAN either.


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