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Hi all,

For this sentence "You also minimize your exposure to other people's
mistakes and disasters.", you can choice an specific appliance. i think it's
better choice for all (security and same for NTP). There is many industrial
shop for this, with GPS, quartz, and for INTERNET to DMZ (PPC, IRIG-B, 10
Mhz...)  :

Jtelec.fr (fr/GB), Meinberg (de/GB) ... etc

Best regards

2010/8/2 Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net>

> konsu wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I work for an investment bank with 300 UNIX servers, around 3000
>> workstation PCs and would like to ask some questions to more
>> experience users.
>> a) Are there any banks relying on ntp pool project or should we
>> consider having our own GPS clock ?
> Ask a banker.  For most of us the question is out of our area of expertise!
>  b) What are the criteria to consider in deciding when ntp pool project
>> is enough for our needs ?
> 1. Availability
> 2. Reliability
> 3. Distance from your site.  Absurd example: If you are in New York City,
> you would NOT want to configure a server in Tokyo!
>  c) Should we decide to use ntp, for an organization of our size would
>> 2 servers syncing to ntp pool project in DMZ and 2 servers inside to
>> which all UNIX servers + Domain Controller will sync (PCs would sync
>> to the Domain controller) suffice ?
> I would suggest that you consider purchasing a GPS Timing Receiver and
> installing it.  If you can site an antenna smaller than a hockey puck
> somewhere within reach and with a good view of the sky, and connect it to
> your receiver and your receiver to your computer you will have your very own
> Stratum 1 server.  You also minimize your exposure to other people's
> mistakes and disasters.
> Don't use two servers!  It is written that a man with two clocks can never
> be certain what time it is.  Four servers is generally regarded as the
> minimum.  A configuration of five servers can survive the failure of two
> servers and a configuration of seven servers is able to survive the failure
> of three.
> Failure, in this context, can mean either not responding or responding with
> an incorrect time.  The last NTP survey found one server that responded with
> the wrong year!!  This sort of thing does not happen often; that survey
> covered several thousand NTP servers and most of the world.
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