[ntp:questions] Trouble with XP IPv6 ntp client (still unable to connect to link local ntp server)

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Fri Aug 6 02:43:44 UTC 2010

On 8/5/2010 6:41 PM, Cindy Huyser wrote:
> I'm still looking for an answer for my lack of connectivity -- per my
> last post, I don't receive any packets from the server, and ntpq
> indicates it can't be reached. Yet I do have connectivity via the IPv6
> address at the OS interface, and the system event log shows ntp to be
> listening on both the interface for the ethernet port and the
> associated tunneling pseudo-adaptor. Any thoughts out there? My test
> bed is virtualized (running the XP and Linux OSs as guest VMs under
> VMWare), though my target platform is not.
> Thanks again,
> Cindy

Never run ntpd on a virtual machine. In this case let the VMWare host
run ntpd. The VM clients don't need it, they get their clock from the
underlying VM which should be disciplining the clock.


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