[ntp:questions] Trouble with XP IPv6 ntp client (still unable to connect to link local ntp server)

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.org
Sun Aug 8 03:48:47 UTC 2010

On 8/6/2010 10:30 PM, Cindy Huyser wrote:
> On Aug 6, 8:17 pm, Danny Mayer <ma... at ntp.org> wrote:
>> On 8/6/2010 12:29 PM, Cindy Huyser wrote:
>>> Using a packet sniffer, I verified that no traffic addressed to the
>>> server (or coming from it) is going across the ethernet interface when
>>> my configuration file specifies the IPv6 server. I also verified that
>>> I saw ICMPv6 packets going across when I pinged the server, along with
>>> the neighbor solicitation and advertisement. The server is in the XP
>>> host's destination cache, and also is listed in the "neighbors" list.
>>> I'm puzzled as to why there's not even an attempt at neighbor
>>> discovery.
>>> Maybe the trouble shows up in the line "findlocalinterface: kernel
>>> maps fe80::290:fbff:fe80:6aff to ::", and the subsequent use of the
>>> wildcard (or maybe not -- the address for the server is not local to
>>> the host, but the host should be able to figure out that it needs to
>>> send a neighbor discovery solicitation from it single ethernet
>>> interface!). Can anyone out there shed any light on this?

Yes, that appears to be the problem. I am not sure why it is happening
and I will have to investigate. It should never be using the wildcard
interface and the fact that it did indicates that it failed to find the
right interface and that is the interface of last resort. It should be
using the link-local interface that the system has configured. Please
file a bug report on this.


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