[ntp:questions] Q: No "state" variable in ntpd 4.2.6 at 1.2089-o?

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at RZ.Uni-Regensburg.DE
Fri Aug 13 10:10:14 UTC 2010


in a program I wrote I used the existence of the "state" variable to
detect a ntpd v4. To my surprise I found a server that runs NTPv4
without a "state" variable:

ntpq> rl
assID=0 status=0415 leap_none, sync_uhf_clock, 1 event, event_clock_reset,
version="ntpd 4.2.6 at 1.2089-o Mon Feb  8 15:25:35 UTC 2010 (1)",
processor="i686", system="Linux/", leap=00, stratum=1,
precision=-20, rootdelay=0.000, rootdisp=0.141, refid=GPS,
reftime=d00f9725.13579120  Fri, Aug 13 2010 12:04:21.075,
clock=d00f972d.e89a3fc1  Fri, Aug 13 2010 12:04:29.908, peer=46241,
tc=4, mintc=3, offset=0.002, frequency=26.025, sys_jitter=0.002,
clk_jitter=0.003, clk_wander=0.000

Is that standard, or is it a patched version? While I might like the
additional variables, I wonder where the old ones went to...


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