[ntp:questions] dcf77 time synchronization problem

Rob nomail at example.com
Mon Aug 16 11:38:09 UTC 2010

<Wolfgang.Hennerbichler at ooe.gv.at> <Wolfgang.Hennerbichler at ooe.gv.at> wrote:
>> The DCF-77 antenna is directional, so you need to have it 
>> turned in the
>> right direction. Unfortnuately it's not easy to find the optimal
>> direction.
> hm. given that it only has three led's I guess it's gonna be a hard job
> to check on the antenna. 

When your antenna has a led that blinks once per second (sometimes short
and sometimes a bit longer), you can use that to align the antenna.
Rotate the antenna very slowly.  Note the point where the led does no
longer blink in the regular pattern.   Rotate it slowly back, until it
again blinks eratically.  Then position it halfway between those points.
Now the led should blink regularly.
(when it doesn't, you have placed it between the wrong points, repeat
the procedure putting it about 90 rotated)

> I don't know how how to interpret significant. Currently all the remote
> timeservers have an offset of 36 or 37, wheres my dcf timesource has an
> offset of 0.0something. Is that one significant? :) 

This is quite common.  Tune it away with a line like:

fudge time1 0.36

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