[ntp:questions] Linux clocksource

shane-dated-2010 at csy.ca shane-dated-2010 at csy.ca
Mon Aug 23 22:52:34 UTC 2010

Hey all,

I am running ntpd under Linux which defaults to using TSC for it's
clocksource. I also have acpi_pm and hpet available to me and am wondering
what the current best practice for ntpd is. The issue with TSC seems to be
that the drift value differs every time I reboot so it goes pretty weird
when ntpd first starts but then settles after a few hours. I get a stable
drift with acpi_pm and hpet but from reading the kernel list, I understand
using TSC is the most efficient way to go as there might be many
gettimeofday() calls per second and you want those to be fast.

So just curious what others are doing here.


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